Our Story

Bobby Lee Magyarosi is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Highland, MI. Though primarily known for his work in Duney Bros, an alternative pop/rock trio, he has shared the stage with many performers in the Metro Detroit area. You might have found him laying down the low end in Brandon Calhoon's Tobacco River Band, or joining Detroit's own Bothered Minds as guest frontman.

In his time since he co-founded Duney Bros with his childhood friend Mike Freeman in 2010, they performed over 500 shows in the Metro Detroit area and released two musical works. The first of which was "Midnight Friends EP" in 2013. Shortly after, the duo was joined by Joel Hill on drums, and the new trio self produced their first full length album, "Broken Sleep", which was released in August of 2015. 

In Spring of 2017, Bobby released a live, in studio recording entitled "Live at Soundscape". It features nine, acoustic versions of previously unreleased, original songs, recorded by Tim Smith at The Soundscape Recording Studio in Royal Oak, MI.

Bobby is currently located in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where he is performing constantly and working on new solo material, as well as leading Bobby Lee & The Magpies, a five piece, renegade rock and blues band.

In August 2019, Bobby joined up with Yannie Reynecke to record an EP of some unreleased, and some reworked original numbers. Winds Of Change EP represents a partnership of lyrical and musical prowess and mutual respect between the two, that can be heard and felt throughout the release.

Check out Bobby's latest single, "I Can't Do Anything Right" (January 2020), a rock and roll version of the song, featuring the return of Joel Hill on drums.